ACN Infotech - Business Process Management & Workflow Solutions

With ACN's best in class BPM and Workflow components as the core technology and our experience in the area of system integration, we are able to respond to any e-business requirements and implement a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Among others, we have implemented the following solutions:

  • Banking / Mortgage Loan -The Modern Credit Factory
  • Insurance - Active Claims Management
  • Manufacturing - Intelligent manufacturing engineering
  • Telecommunications - Efficient order processing

Banking - Mortgage Loans - The Modern Credit Factory
The Aareal Hypotheken-Management GmbH, the first service provider for mortgage processing, uses ACN's COSA BPM as management tool for all back-office processes. Aareal Hypotheken-Management provides loan processing and administrative services in construction financing designed for banks and insurance companies. In order to reduce processing costs and to speed up order processes, the fully automatic loan processing is now operated by ACN. The Aareal Hypotheken-Management GmbH acts as a "Financial Processing Factory" that manages all administrative work steps regarding loan portfolios of its customers - from fully automatic loan processing by means of tested and scalable credit scoring to administration of credit cards and loan portfolios with the help of electronically archived data files. The services offered by Aareal Hypotheken-Management represent a new conception in the world of finances. more ...

Insurance - CLAIMS MANAGEMENT - "Business Process Reengineering"
It was under this label that HDI, a German insurance company, redefined its claims department several years ago. The goals were an active claims management, with a comfortable customer service and short, transparent processes. Employees within the administrative department should be enabled to react directly to customer requests. With the usual paper-pile-processing method, this was not possible. Achieving these goals required the introduction of an electronic archiving system. Together with the ACN Infotech, an electronic registry file was developed using ACN COSA DM and ACN COSA BPM. In its automotive department alone, the Northern German insurance company HDI processes some 400,000 claims per year. Almost half of these claims are reported by telephone. In order to offer customers a first-class service, several consulting companies were contracted to conduct a full business process reengineering. One result of this analysis was a shift in responsibilities: administration employees should be able not only to process their assigned claims, but also to react competently and comprehensively in any type of event, be it phone calls, faxes or mails. "In the event of an accident, our clients expect immediate help. Nothing is worse than having to say "Sorry, but I just can`t find your file at the moment." says Hans Joachim Koch, Head of the Claims Division in Stuttgart. However, in order to provide any binding information, the corresponding employee needs all decision-critical data from the customer file. Today, employees can access an electronic claims file including all relevant documents directly from their PCs. and can provide clients with the information they need. "To our understanding, claims settlement is a service business. The new solution allows accessing all required data immediately. This way we can offer our customers service packages that exceed simple reimbursing the incurred damage by far", says Hans Joachim Koch.   more...

MANUFACTURING - Engineering Applications
The European lead buyer department for manufacturing and engineering located in Cologne plans, purchases and installs everything, from a 1000-ton compactor down to the smallest tool for every single European plant. To accelerate and optimize these processes, especially in the area of stamping, the Ford plant in Cologne uses ACN's COSA BPM solution. This solution steers processes between the global player's departments all over Europe. After introducing ACN's solutions only half of the previous processing time is needed to transfer data safely to their destination. Ford has an 80-years tradition in Europe. Today, Ford acts in more than 130 markets worldwide. In the year 2000 alone, Ford sold about 5.9 million cars. A quarter of these sales was realized in Europe. In 1925, Ford established the first German plant in Berlin and started its German success story. In 1931, the first Model A came off the assembly line in the Cologne plant. more...

Telecommunications - ORDER PROCESSING
The Dutch telecommunications specialist KPN Broadband Networks provides selected Internet providers with MxStream ADSL Internet connections. KPN receives more than 2,000 orders for this high-speed broadband Internet access per day. ACN's COSA Workflow4baan solution is used to process these orders rapidly and efficiently. This solution, based on ACN COSA BPM software, is integrated into Baan`s ERP software as process management module. It manages all business processes - from order receipt to completion - across all existing IT-applications, including the ERP system. Also, process exceptions can be processed in a standardized and event-triggered manner by means of the ACN software. Today, KPN`s more than 50 administrative employees receive all relevant information on time. The new system enabled KPN to reduce processing time by 50% whereas the amount of orders increased by more than 100%. For KPN customers, this means that they receive their Internet access via ADSL in less than two weeks. more...