ACN Infotech - Mortgage Processing

Mortgage Processing - ACN manages back-office processes
The Aareal Hypotheken-Management GmbH, the first service provider for mortgage processing, uses ACN COSA BPM as management tool for all back-office processes. Aareal Hypotheken-Management provides loan processing and administrative services in construction financing designed for banks and insurance companies. In order to reduce processing costs and to speed up order processes, the fully automatic loan processing is now operated by ACN. The Aareal Hypotheken-Management GmbH acts as a "Financial Processing Factory" that manages all administrative work steps regarding loan portfolios of its customers - from fully automatic loan processing by means of tested and scalable credit scoring to administration of credit cards and loan portfolios with the help of electronically archived data files. The services offered by Aareal Hypotheken-Management represent a new conception in the world of finances.

Optimizing processes - In order to support its customers in extensive loan processing, the Hypotheken Management GmbH offers outsourcing numerous mortgage loan processes. Among these processes are, for example, the set-up of electronic customer files, the processing of applications, loan payments, dunning processes, object substitution, redemption and solvency scoring. For this purpose, the Mannheim-based company has developed industrial operating processes that encompass and optimize all work steps required in the loan business. The basis for the implementation of the concept was a new IT-architecture using a Workflow Management System. The focus lies on the reduction of cycle time and thus a reduction of process costs. A special interface connects the different customer systems and an archive system to the process management. It is on the basis of model processes developed by Aareal Hypotheken-Management that COSA manages the work steps throughout the entire IT-landscape. The responsible employees work with a single user interface. They are guided through the loan processing procedure without needing to work with other IT-systems like SAP and Microsoft Office applications. All relevant data is provided by the ACN COSA solution.

High integration ability - Twelve Workflow products were tested during the selection procedure. The decision in favor of ACN was taken due to its excellent performance and its high integration ability.
Clarence E. Dixon, Executive Vice President (Marketing & Customer Relations) of Aareal Hypotheken-Management explains his decision: "All applications are hidden behind the ACN COSA software. This is much more comfortable for our staff. And it enables us to guarantee rapid and efficient loan processing".